Cake Smash

What better way to capture baby’s first birthday than with a cake smash! A cake smash photo session is a fun, joyful way to commemorate the milestone of your little one’s first birthday. Capture your baby’s surprise, curiosity and delight as they tear into their first taste of sugar. A cake smash is a great way to express your baby’s unique personality in a relaxed and carefree way. We will work together to create the perfect session for your little one, and you can enjoy watching baby have a blast digging into a cake made just for them. Cake smash sessions are completed in the studio or on location, whichever you prefer.

Cake Smash Package $550 – What Is Included

Custom designed cake and set made just for baby

15 Digital Files

$200 credit towards professional, printed art of your images

What To Expect

Our cake smash sessions last about 45 minutes. We begin by capturing your child’s expressions while they are calm and clean. Once we bring in the cake, the photo session usually takes from 15 minutes; we let your baby set the pace, as some little ones are eager to dig into the cake and others are more hesitant and need some encouragement. If your baby is shy about digging into the frosting, you might have to get in there and show him how it’s done. Be ready for a mess and for a quick cleanup session with baby afterward.

Choosing Your Cake

A custom designed cake is included in your package. You may select a small round cake or large cupcake – generally six inches or smaller. Second only to your adorable little one, the cake or cupcake is the most important part of the photo session. Here are a few more things to think about when choosing a cake:

  • Choose light colors for both the cake and the frosting. Pastels look great on camera
  • Sprinkles, Sprinkles, Sprinkles! Decorations always look great, the cake can be decorated to match your theme.
  • Vanilla cake is recommended, avoid chocolate or red velvet, as they can appear less than pleasant when smeared on a baby’s face.

What to bring?

Please bring a drink along for your child, it can be thirsty work smashing a cake.  It is also most important that you please bring a change of clothes for both your child and perhaps yourself as the frosting can quite literally get everywhere.  A few of your child’s favorite toys may also be a good idea too for comforting and distracting them at the beginning of the session.

What To Wear

The dress code is totally up to yourself and can be as casual or dressy as you wish.  Personally I just love bare bellies on little ones for the cake smash teamed with petti-skirts, diaper covers or shorts but feel free to dress and accessorise your child however you please.  ETSY has some great “Cake Smash Outfits” to choose from, feel free to discuss your color theme or ideas with me to get the most out of your images.

  • Accessories such as bows, ribbons or fun ties and necklaces can add interest to your photos.
  • If you choose to leave your baby mostly undressed for the session, remember that a cute diaper cover will be more attractive than a disposable diaper alone.
  • Of course, make sure that any outfit you choose will be easy to wash after the festivities are over.